10 Beauty Benefits of Including Greens in Diet

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Since we were kids we have heard our mothers preaching about how greens are good for health and that we should not be fussy about them. Our mothers were so right. Adding greens to your diet can help you get glowing radiant skin and it is a step toward living a healthy life.

Eating green vegetables provides different nutrients and it keeps you naturally healthy, which, then reflects on your skin. Adding them to your diet comes with several benefits be it skin or your physical health.

Beauty Benefits of Including Greens in Diet

Are Greens Good For Skin?

Green leafy vegetables are packed with all the nutrients that our body needs. Eating greens help in enhancing the blood circulation of our body and in return helps in making our skin look naturally radiant and healthy.

Home remedies are better than seeking chemical-laden products and it stands true in this case as well. Eating green is always considered better than taking supplements as they solve a lot of health-related problems without causing any side effects.

It also makes your skin look healthy and flawless with time and you would want to use less makeup because your skin would look just as perfect without makeup.

Adding green vegetables to your diet is also a safe option to repair your skin. It might be slower than cosmetics but the results are long-lasting.

What Greens Can I Add to My Diet?

If you are confused about what greens you could add to your diet then here is a list to make it easier for you to choose from:

What Greens Can I Add in My Diet


Avocado is packed with antioxidants that would keep your skin hydrated as well as make it soft. You can add it to salads or smoothies as well as combine them with orange juice.


Kale is loaded with several vitamins that help in repairing the skin tissues and it gives you naturally radiant and fresh skin. You can add it to smoothies or salads or even to pasta. It is called the king of the greens for a reason indeed!


Broccoli is filled with different vitamins and minerals like Zinc. It protects your skin from oxidative damage, i.e. it protects your skin from getting dry and also from wrinkles. Broccoli also has many anti-cancer effects which also include skin cancer. It also protects your skin from sun damage. You can add broccoli to your main course or in your salads.

Green Tea

Consuming green tea not only helps you lose weight and make your skin look fresh, but you can also use the green tea leaves in your homemade masks and it would give you fresh, glowing skin. It has anti-oxidants that protect your skin from sun damage. It improves the elasticity of your skin as well as keeps it moisturized.


Adding spinach to your diet may help protect you from the development of cancer cells. It helps in repairing damaged skin cells and gives you flawless and radiant skin in return. If you remember spinach was Popeye’s power food and it stands true in reality too since it comes with a lot of vitamins that provide you with different benefits that would keep you healthy.

Beauty Benefits of Including Greens in the Diet

So far we have discussed if adding greens would be beneficial for your skin or not. Eating veggies not only makes your skin look healthy and radiant it also comes with several other benefits. Some of them are listed as follows:

Supports brain function

In a recent study, it has been shown that people who eat green vegetables on a regular basis show a slower decline in cognition than those who ate fewer vegetables. Eating greens regularly can make your memory strong and can make it eleven years younger. Apart from that including greens in your diet also helps in improving your overall lifestyle as well as health.

Makes your skin glow

Green vegetables come with beta-carotene, a plant pigment that generally comes in vegetables like carrots and other yellow-orange veggies. As the leaves lose chlorophyll (the pigment that makes them green) in the season of Autumn, you can see the red, orange, and yellow pigments those leaves contain underneath. It’s these colors that are responsible for the amazing health benefits of leafy greens. Beta-carotene is responsible for giving your skin a natural glow and also works as a natural sunscreen.

Relieves stress

Greens are a source of folate which helps in regulating your mood and works as a natural stress reliever. It not only manages your stress level, but the magnesium that the green vegetables contain also helps in supporting your vascular health.

Improves bone health

Research has shown that drinking milk does not really affect your bone health, and might even increase the risk of hip fracture in women. But having green vegetables can help in making your bones strong and healthy as they are filled with calcium and other such vitamins.

Helps in healthy aging

Eating greens help in delaying the shortening of telomeres, which are the protective caps on our DNA that shorten with age. As the telomeres vanish the cell dies, green vegetables help in controlling that and help you age in a healthy way

Aids healthy inflammatory response

It is essential to support a healthy inflammatory response so as to protect yourself from a battery of chronic illnesses. Leafy greens contain antioxidants and polyphenols, the disease-fighting compounds found in plant foods, and help in controlling the inflammatory response of our body.

Balances sugar levels

Eating a lot of leafy greens with every meal can support appropriate blood glucose levels. Even if you eat an extra serving of green vegetables it can make a lot of difference to your health. If you suffer from a thyroid condition, dramatic swings in blood sugar encourage your body to convert more T4 to Reverse T3, the inactive form of thyroid hormone.

Heals your gut

If you suffer from leaky gut, food sensitivities, or autoimmunity then adding more greens into your diet could help. A recently found gene known as T-bet that gets activated by cruciferous veggies such as broccoli or brussels sprouts initiates precursor cells in your intestinal lining to generate innate lymphoid cells (ILCs).

ILCs protect your body against gut infections and inflammation, control food allergies and intolerances, support a healthy immune response, and seal the leaks in your gut. They also shield your body from bad bacteria and the fiber in greens feeds your good bacteria. Hence adding leafy greens to your diet can help you fight any kind of gastrointestinal distress.

Flushes toxins

Taming the toxins in your body is essential for our bodies. Leafy greens detoxify your body as they contain chlorophyll. Chlorophyll-rich foods such as spirulina, chlorella, parsley, and alfalfa bring together heavy metals and toxins in your blood and carry them out of your body.

Chlorophyll also helps in cleansing your liver to support your body’s natural ability to detox and supports the immune system function to keep toxins from collecting in your body.

Enhances Immune System

Adding greens into your diet makes your immune system stronger as it protects your immune from various bad bacteria and keeps you healthy. Even studies have shown how eating green vegetables can improve the functionality of your immune system.

Is it Good to Eat Greens every day?

Eating greens every day improves your health and provides nutrients on a regular basis and hence making the process of making you healthy take a faster pace. You can add green vegetables to your everyday diet and it wouldn’t be harmful to your health. Eating greens regularly makes you healthy physically, it makes your brain stronger and smarter. It helps your stay fit and also makes your skin look beautiful naturally.

You can also add green superfood powders to your diet as a supplement. One of them is Naked  Nutrition’s Green Superfood Powder. It contains six different organic green vegetables. grasses and other organic nutrients. It is good, especially for vegans. This powder makes you energized and it gives a goodness of two servings of the greens. It also does not have additives.

Adding greens to your diet can help you achieve glowing skin and lead a healthy lifestyle. You can always rely on greens to help you cure any of your body-related problems if nothing else works.

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