7 Best DHT Blocking Vitamins for Getting Back Lost Hair

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Hair loss affects millions of people around the world.

This can occur for various reasons, including genetics, stress, diet, and more.

Even though different hair loss treatments are on the market, it is better to prevent hair loss altogether.

Good hair health is the first step.

The high levels of DHT in your body can contribute to rapid hair loss, so DHT blocking vitamins can improve your hair in a number of ways.

Best DHT Blocking Vitamins

What’s all this buzz about? We’re going to describe what DHT means, the types of DHT blocking vitamins, and give you our recommendation for the best hair loss vitamins.

DHT Blocking Vitamins: Do They Work?

The science of preventing DHT hair loss is complex.

Essentially, DHT is the hormone responsible for growing hair. This happens because DHT converts testosterone into a substance called dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

The process is very straightforward.

The testosterone passes through the body and enters the scalp. By crossing the scalp barrier, DHT causes the hair follicle to resemble a mini prostate.

As a result, the follicle reproduces, and new hair is formed.

After a few months of using a DHT-blocking vitamin, many people notice their hair regrowing.

People have also reported thicker hair than ever before.

To answer the question, yes, DHT vitamins work.

DHT works because all of it is not bad.

DHT is only harmful when it becomes elevated in the body, resulting in a wide range of symptoms, most notably hair loss.

Top DHT Blocking Vitamins

Here are the DHT lowering supplements if you have any questions about what’s the best DHT blocker.

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1. Kiierr DHT Blocking Hair Growth Vitamins

Kiierr DHT Blocking Hair Growth Vitamins

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DHT Blocking Hair Growth Vitamins by Kiierr are not controlled drugs or hormones but dietary supplements. There are, however, mild stimulant and energizing effects as well.

Among its ingredients are Saw Palmetto, horsetail extract, vitamins B-6, Biotin, Folic Acid, soy ingredients, and shellfish extracts, all of which help inhibit the 5-AR enzyme from converting to DHT.

The supplement addresses hair loss and thinning. An excellent product for those who want to maintain good health as well as a healthy scalp.

Depending on your budget, you can buy the product in bottles that last one, two, or three months.

You can speed up the hair regrowth process by pairing these hair growth vitamins with low-level laser therapy through the Kiierr laser cap.

For ideal results, use it in conjunction with a healthy diet, exercise regime, and LLLT.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Loosens up buildup on the scalp
  • Improves scalp circulation
  • Promotes hair growth


  • Not for those allergic to shellfish

2. Hairfinity DHT Blocking Vitamin

dht blocking vitamins

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Hairfinity Blocker for DHT is a natural remedy for blocking DHT and keeping hair healthy from the inside.

Vegan and odorless, they are not as strong smelling as other products.

Horsetail, Nettle Extract, Fo-TI, Pygeum Bark Powder, and Green Tea Extract comprise this supplement’s unique blend of clinically proven bioactive ingredients. Additionally, these ingredients are PCOS-friendly.

The product promotes hair growth from the roots up, prevents further hair loss, gives hair a healthy glow, and protects the scalp from inflammation, acne, and irritation.

The supplement maintains and restores the pH balance of the scalp, making the hair stronger, healthier, shinier, and softer.

Also, the hair becomes more manageable and thicker with less shedding and less prone to breakage.


  • Maintains scalp pH
  • For all types of hair
  • Clinically approved bioactive ingredients
  • All-natural


  • Low dosage

3. Propidren by HairGenics

Propidren by HairGenics

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Propidren is a capsule manufactured by HairGenics that blocks DHT and stimulates hair growth.

Saw Palmetto inhibits DHT production, while Biotin strengthens weak and brittle hair. Together with other clinically proven ingredients, this supplement is a powerful one.

As part of a hair growth regimen, it increases hair growth and provides thicker and longer hair.

The supplement is effective in covering up bald streaks on the scalp. Many report thicker hair after using it. However, the capsules may not work for everyone.

Propidren keeps your hair from falling out, as well as makes it stronger, fuller, and healthier-looking.


  • Cruelty-free, vegan, and gluten-free
  • Powerful DHT blocking ingredients
  • Makes thin hair thicker
  • Improve hair quality over time


  • Pricier than most hair growth supplements

4. Natures Elements DHT Blocker

dht blocking vitamins

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The DHT Blocker from Nature’s Elements is one of the best natural products for balancing DHT and eliminating pattern baldness.

The product is widely used by and popular with men. Many women claim to love it as well.

Aside from the reasonable price, the product is 100% authentic and covered by a warranty.

The supplement contains natural and organic ingredients that help control DHT and testosterone levels.

Use it regularly for at least two months, and you will notice less hair loss. Moreover, it treats the sides above the temples that are more prone to hair loss. After using it for almost two years, someone noticed their gray hair reversed.

This product also works as a natural way to get rid of dandruff since the herbs it contains help regulate DHT and testosterone levels.


  • Gluten-free
  • 12 times more powerful than average products
  • Safe for vegetarians
  • Easy to swallow


  • Takes months of consistent use to show results
  • May not work for everyone with gray hair

5. Folliform DHT Blocking Vitamin

Folliform DHT Blocker

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Folliform can restore follicle thickness and scalp health in thinning hair by reducing DHT absorption in the scalp.

Herbal DHT Blockers deliver 1500mg per serving, helping hair follicles and stimulating new hair growth in those who suffer from thinning hair or baldness.

Folliform DHT contains an extract from a natural hypothyroid extract, which regulates thyroid hormone levels in the body.

This extract also acts as an androgen receptor inhibitor, so the body can use its own testosterone in the follicles without converting it to DHT.

Therefore, by using this supplement consistently, you will see your hair growing back quicker.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Improves scalp health
  • Increases follicle strength


  • Might cause GI irritation or headache

6. Reviden DHT Blocker for Women

best dht blocking vitamins

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Reviden’s DHT Blocker for women performed well for us at an affordable price.

The hair loss supplement contains DHT blockers as well as hair vitamins designed to accelerate hair growth. Due to their small size, the capsules are easy to swallow.

The key ingredients are zinc, keratin, saw palmetto, nettle, collagen, and biotin.

If your hair is constantly shedding and you’d like to stop it, this is the supplement you need. Also, it gives the hair health and shine.

The effects of this DHT-blocking vitamin are incredible when used regularly.

A bonus of the product is that it gives life to brittle nails.


  • Contains collagen and keratin
  • Cruelty-free
  • Thickens hair
  • Controls hair shedding
  • Also acts as a nail supplement


  • None

7. Foli-Tonic DHT Blocker

 Foli-Tonic DHT Blocker To Stop Hair Loss Hair Thinning & Help Thicker Hair Growth

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Foli-Tonic is a DHT blocker that calms and reduces inflammation.

It claims to prevent the spread of DHT from the scalp to the rest of the body, improving the health of hair follicles and preventing hair loss.

This supplement is made of natural ingredients and claims to be safe to use. Tastes fine and doesn’t have a strange aftertaste.

This supplement will thicken your thin hair if you suffer from hair loss due to a chronic illness. What’s more, it helps with receding hairline and tapers off shedding hair.

Hair shows noticeable improvement after a few weeks, and the results are worth it.


  • Gluten-free
  • Stifles hair loss
  • Treats receding hairlines
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO product


  • None

How Do DHT Blocking Vitamins Work for Hair Growth?

DHT causes hair loss by blocking an enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, a more potent form of the hormone.

By preventing the conversion, dihydrotestosterone has no way to undergo metabolism and directly affects the hair follicles.

DHT is not the only reason why you can have bald spots on your head. It also causes hair loss in areas that are not exposed to the sun.

The DHT blockers work mainly by:

  • Keeping DHT from penetrating the hair shaft
  • Restoring normal DHT levels
  • Preventing abnormal hair growth
  • Reducing the loss of follicles
  • Reducing sebum and sebaceous secretions
  • Inhibiting androgen production in the scalp

how to choose dht blocking vitamins

How to Choose DHT Blocking Vitamins?

Vitamins and minerals play an important role in improving the symptoms of hair loss, a study by Dermatology and Therapy says.

Consumers have no idea which DHT blockers to trust, especially since there are so many companies competing to win their business.

Therefore, we should be selective about which products we recommend and for what purposes.

Here are a few tips that we believe will help you select the best DHT blocker.

Ease of Use

You can take DHT blockers without being a doctor or a professional.

DHT blockers come in two forms – pills and gel. In general, pills are safe and easy to take.

For the gel form, read the ingredients carefully.

DHT Sensitivity

It is important to determine DHT sensitivity. Use a product based on a quality formula that will treat your hair with care and won’t irritate it. Harsh chemicals will only increase hair loss. The scalp may also suffer from nutrient deficiency, resulting in lifeless and flat hair.


If you are interested in buying DHT blockers, be sure to check and analyze how it is formulated. Be sure it contains safe and gentle ingredients. Further, the DHT blocker should be free of dyes, parabens, and other harmful ingredients. Ingredients in the formula should also inhibit DHT and support strong, healthy hair development and growth.


Checking and comparing prices is a must. Make sure the DHT blockers you choose have the features and properties you’re looking for and that they are fairly priced. Choose the one you can afford and that offers the quality and performance you expect.

Side effects

While DHT blockers do not have many side effects in the short term, people should be careful when taking the pills.

Still, some suffer from side effects. Prescription DHT blockers can worsen the effects in some cases. It can even impair ejaculation and reduce libido. Ideally, you should use natural DHT blockers, as they tend to have fewer side effects and contain less harsh ingredients.

Natural Ways to Reduce DHT

You can reduce DHT in a number of safe and non-harmful ways.

Excessive androgen can cause hair loss, enlarged prostates, and even cancer, as we all know.

However, the best way to reduce androgens like DHT is to avoid their existence in the first place.

Eat soy, especially fermented soy or miso

There is no doubt that soy isoflavones are highly effective at reducing androgenic activity.

The ability of soy to reduce androgenic activity isn’t limited to just genistein.

You can even find phytoestrogens in other foods like red clover, alfalfa, and lupine.

If you really want to go that extra mile, you can combine foods or supplements to increase your function.

Eat More Fiber

What you eat is the most important factor in reducing DHT levels. Fiber is highly effective at eliminating DHT.

Every food you eat contains fiber, especially plant foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Reducing stress, having a healthy colon, and being able to flush the extra waste out of your body are all benefits of fiber.

Drink More Water

Water is your body’s primary way to eliminate toxins and waste. To reduce DHT, you need to eliminate it.

You keep DHT levels in check by drinking quality water constantly. Water also helps flush away excess salt from your body, which DHT thrives on.

Aloe Vera Gel

Natural compounds in aloe vera gel help heal the body naturally. It also regulates DHT levels in the scalp.

Just rub it into your scalp before going to bed to allow it to penetrate and be more effective.

Final Word

From using products to following a healthy diet, there are many ways to block DHT production.

If you still need some help choosing the perfect DHT blocking vitamins for your hair growth, we recommend Kiierr DHT Blocking Hair Growth Vitamins, which use a clinically proven formula for treating hair thinning and loss. One reason to consider Kiierr products is their hair growth focus.

Take the time to compare the vitamins that block DHT with your individual needs before making a decision.

I hope you found our advice helpful in selecting the best DHT blocking vitamins.

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